As summer winds down, apartments in Ottawa have to be prepared for the long winter ahead. Here are six ways to get your apartment ready for the fall:

Front Entry
Your front entry is the first point of contact for muddy shoes, dripping umbrellas and all those extra layers of clothes. Therefore, it is important to get organized in order to keep things neat and to help you avoid tracking dirt through the house. Look for an affordable, decorative area rug to keep dirt and slush from getting on your floor or carpeting. This will help lessen the amount of dust in your home as well. If space is limited, hang some hooks on the wall for coats or extra sweaters and look for a pretty basket or container to toss your scarves and mitts in.

Summer Clothes
Instead of stashing all your summer clothes away, take the time to go through them. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you have not worn this past summer or in the past year. If you haven’t worn it in a while, chances are you probably won’t wear it again. After you’re done sorting, you can easily take the clothes to a donation box or toss them out in the garbage. Pack the rest of your clothes out of sight until the warmer season arrives.

Apartments can use all the natural light they can get. Hang some mirrors on walls that will reflect the light back into your apartment to keep things more cheerful.

Pantry Prep
The colder season is always the perfect time of year to do more baking, prepare heavier soups, and hunker down with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Take a look in your fridge, freezer and pantry and clear out any foods that you are less likely to eat in colder weather. Bring in some cold weather comfort foods in case a major storm hits.

Cozy Up
As the temperature drops, you’ll want to bring out your warm blankets and cozy duvet. Add some additional blankets in decorative patterns to add some warmth and style to your living room. This can also help keep your heating bills down as well.

Check Warmth
The colder it gets outside, the more you will start to notice it in your home. Be sure to check your windows to ensure you’re not getting a cold draft. If there are any issues, let your landlord know sooner rather than later so that they can do the necessary repairs.

Apartments in Ottawa will be cozier and ready for the fall by using these six tips.