Finding apartment rentals that are suited to your needs can sometimes seem impossible. However, if you consider these six things during your search for an Ottawa apartment, it will make the search easier:

Finding apartment rentals in your price range is the first place to start. You want to be able to take care of the rest of your expenses once your rent is paid. Experts recommend that you spend no more than 20-30 percent of your overall income on rent in order to cover all of your other expenses.

Consider the amenities for apartment rentals you are viewing. It can be something as simple as a laundry room or parking that you require. You may also want amenities such as a pool or gym. Weigh your options, the cost and how it will improve your lifestyle before making a decision on your apartment.

Transportation covers a number of areas. If you drive, you will want either designated parking or parking nearby so you are not trekking out to your car in the dead of winter. If you don’t drive, you will want public transportation that is easily accessible from your home. Distance to and from work also comes into play when considering transportation.

Consider whether or not utilities are included in your rent. If they are, this can allow you to raise your rental budget a little as you will not have the additional expenses to pay. Likewise, if they are not included, you will have to factor in the cost of your utilities on top of your rent. Don’t forget cable, phone and internet access when factoring in costs.

You want to know the neighbourhood you move into is safe. You also want the building itself to have good security and be well lit in common areas, garages and laundry rooms. Look for fire exits and be certain that all the locks work on doors and windows in your unit as well as for entry into the building.

Rules and Restrictions
Many apartment rentals might have rules and restrictions you will want to consider such as no pets. Others might require an additional deposit in case of damages that will add to your expenses up front. Make sure rules will not infringe on your lifestyle or budget.

Your apartment search can be made a little easier when considering these six points.