Ottawa is by far one of the most interesting cities to live in, offering culture, an international airport, outstanding dining, shopping and, of course, a multitude of housing choices at affordable prices. Here are six reasons why it is great to live in Ottawa:

Top Ranking for Quality of Life
Ottawa is listed as one of the most desirable cities to live in by providing an excellent quality of life. It is a beautiful city that is well maintained and offers top notch health care and education, affordable housing (well below the national average), easy transportation as well as plenty of culture and entertainment.

As the nation’s capital, Ottawa provides an assortment of cultural features and remains world-class in every aspect of the services and attractions it provides. For this reason, Ottawa is steeped in culture, offering world class galleries, culinary experiences and entertainment.

Urban or Rural
Due to Ottawa’s size and location it offers a unique opportunity to choose either a rural or urban neighbourhood without any real “suburban” choices. This means that whether you are looking for a farm, an urban condo, a downtown historical home or an apartment, Ottawa offers the convenience of the city without having to live right in the heart of downtown. You are always just a few minutes away from everything which makes living in a rural home far more convenient with little commute required.

Ottawa offers a number of employment opportunities in many unique organizations from the government to the to the technology industry and many local businesses. It is also an excellent place to open a shop or restaurant or to start up a business or professional practice.

Charm and Comfort
Ottawa is a truly lovely city with a blend of historical architecture and modern buildings and it boasts plenty of green space. In Ottawa, you have a world-class city with small town charm filled with parks, recreational facilities, sporting arenas and ample waterways for boating and fishing. Ottawa is also very bike friendly, offering an alternative way to commute from point A to point B.

Ottawa is a city with plenty of history which means that you will find many opportunities to learn as well as interesting housing options. From renovated lofts to historical townhouses, condos and apartments, Ottawa’s history makes finding a home easy.

These are just six reasons that Ottawa is a great place to live. It will just take one visit to find even more reasons to make a move to Ottawa.