Moving to a new apartment rental is great – it’s just the actual process of packing and moving that can be a drag. These essential packing tips should help make your move a little easier:

Time to Purge
There is no point in wasting time packing and unpacking items that you won’t even use in your new apartment rental. Use this as an opportunity to purge all of the clothing, furniture and assorted items you no longer need. You can even make some money with a garage sale or by selling items online. These funds can be used to pay for the moving truck or beer and pizza for friends who help you move.

Pack Non-Essentials
If you have a while before you move, monitor what gets used and what doesn’t. If over a month goes by and you haven’t touched some clothes that you own, your DVD player, or random knickknacks on the mantle, then you know that these items can be packed away early. Obviously you won’t want to pack away daily items until the last day.

Organize Boxes
Packing is one thing, but unpacking is a whole different beast altogether. Do yourself a favour by organizing boxes and actually placing them where they belong in your new apartment. Place a piece of coloured duct tape on boxes to organize them by room. This makes unloading so much easier, and you’ll feel more motivated to unpack and settle in.

First Day Essentials
After a long and tiring day of moving, you probably don’t want to have to hunt through boxes to find your toothbrush, medicine or favourite PJs. Make things easy on yourself by keeping these items and other first-day essentials in a separate box that stands out from the rest.

Use Ziplocs for Microsorting
Within boxes, you can use Ziploc bags of varying sizes to keep smaller kitchen and bathroom items organized. This prevents small objects like lipstick or corkscrews from falling to the bottom of the box and potentially getting misplaced.

Maximize Space
If you have large empty items like a laundry hamper, wastebasket or crockpot, make use of these spaces when travelling. Your laundry hamper can store clothes, your wastebasket can carry cleaning supplies, and your crockpot can carry spice jars and other small kitchen items.

With these packing tips, you’ll be nice and organized for the move to your new apartment rental in no time. Good luck with your move!