Your space can become outdated or boring over time, especially if you lead a busy life. Here are six easy ways to freshen up your Ottawa apartment:

Refurbish, Repaint or Reupholster
Go on a flea market or garage sale hunt and find an old chair or table you can refurbish. You can then refresh it with a coat of paint or reupholster it and give it a second life. You can do the same to old, boring furniture in your Ottawa apartment such as your dining room chairs. All you need is some fabric and a staple gun in order to reupholster the seats to given them an entirely new look. You can also do a light sanding and add a coat of sophisticated black or classic white paint to completely transform your entire dining room set.

Rethink the accessories in your living room and buy new, brighter coloured curtains and throw cushions. Look for a complementary colour to go with your existing sofa and something that will add a little punch. You can also make your own curtains and pillow covers with some fabric and easy to use fabric glue or tape. It just takes a few folds and an iron for a weekend makeover that will make a huge impact. You can do the same transformation in the bathroom with new towels and a shower curtain, or in the bedroom with a new duvet cover, curtains and some throw cushions.

Painting a wall will do wonders to transform a boring room into a more sophisticated, classy or fun space. Choose a colour from an existing fabric or use your new fabric for inspiration. Double check that this is okay with your Ottawa apartment rental office or landlord.

Area Rug
An area rug can anchor a space when placed under a dining room table or at the foot of your bed. You can also unify a living room with an area rug placed beneath the coffee table.

Wall Art
Look for affordable wall art and hang framed pictures around your home. Larger art makes a huge impact, but you can also do clusters of smaller framed pieces.

Do a complete cleanup of your apartment by tossing out what you don’t need and investing in some shelving, baskets and containers to organize your space. Have fun and look for containers and shelving that will make an interesting focal point.

These six ideas are affordable, easy ways to freshen up the look of your Ottawa apartment rental.