Your Ottawa apartment is the perfect place to host a holiday party. If you’re planning to host your first holiday bash there are several things you can do to ensure your event will be a great success:

Solid Guest List
Take care of making a solid guest list and don’t forget anyone. Just keep in mind that many people might want to bring along a plus one. Specify whether or not this is alright so that your numbers don’t get thrown when guests arrive in twos!

Shop ahead of Time
Don’t leave things until the last minute. As soon as you have a good idea of numbers plan out your menu so you know what you will be making. Start shopping ahead wherever you can. Look for food that is going to keep well and leave the fresh produce until the day before. Easy things to buy ahead include drinks, accessories, decorations and packaged goods such as crackers and snack foods. If you are going the fancy route and hiring a caterer, book well in advance so you are not disappointed.

Tidy Up
Ottawa apartments should be neat, tidy and ready to welcome guests. Remember, people will be poking around the fridge and might even be heating food in the oven and microwave so give these a thorough cleaning. Add some nice festive hand towels and soaps to the bathroom and some peppermint hand lotion for people to use for an added special touch. Add a door mat so people have somewhere to put snowy boots. Tidy as you entertain with plenty of garbage bags to clean up all those napkins, plastic cups and paper plates.

Prepare & Set Up
Prepare and cook as much food in advance as you can. Prepare your table regardless of whether you are having a buffet or a sit down meal. Make sure you have enough silverware, serving plates, napkins, etc. Keep the doors closed to the rooms you would prefer guests not to wander into. Have a plan for where you will put coats as guests arrive.

Hang the Mistletoe & Play the Music
Be festive with holiday music ready to go and plenty of mistletoe ready for stolen kisses. Consider making a mix of holiday music to share with guests as a little token to help them share in the celebrations.

These tips will help you throw the perfect holiday party sure to please your guests.