If you have a new apartment and are looking for the perfect excuse to show off your new home hosting holiday dinner is the perfect answer. Here are five tips that will make hosting holiday dinners in Ottawa apartments a snap:

Plan the Menu
The holidays are all about being thankful for what we have in our life, and how lucky we are to indulge in such great food. Because of this it is important you plan your menu carefully. When extending your invites ask each guest if they have any diet restrictions. There is always the danger of food allergies, but you might also encounter people on special diets. This might include vegetarian, low carb or even gluten free diets. Once you know of any issues you can plan a meal that everyone can enjoy.

Shop Early
Menu plan in hand, head out to shop early. You don’t want to be fighting over the last turkey. Once you confirm who will be attending consider ordering a turkey so you have the desired size. The recommended size for four to six people is a 4.5 – 5.5 kg turkey. Purchase fresh ingredients a few days out from the dinner so they are nice and flavorful. Canned foods and staples for baking can all be purchased well in advance.

Food Prep
Prepare as much as you can ahead of time to avoid feeling rushed and stressed. Read your recipes and see if any offer suggestions on preparing dishes ahead. Peeling, chopping and defrosting early will save you plenty of time. It will also allow you to spend more time with your guests.

Holiday gathering are social events, and they need a little entertainment. Some families are content to watch television, whereas others like to play organized games. If children will be attending make sure there is something to keep them busy and happy. Consider renting movies or having something ready on your cable channel to keep kids occupied. You can also invest in some board games fun for all ages.

There is always room for dessert after a big holiday dinner. Warm pumpkin pie, ice cream and cookies are great traditional desserts to serve. However there are many festive dessert ideas that will tempt your guests. Get inspired with twists on pumpkin recipes, apple desserts and everyone’s favourite – chocolate.

Ottawa apartments are ideal for entertaining family and friends. Why not start a new tradition this holiday and use these handy hosting tips for a perfectly enjoyable meal.