There are some obvious things you will want to consider when searching for an apartment in Ottawa. However there are five things you might not know that can affect where you want to live.

1.Urban Living: If you are interested in an urban lifestyle Ottawa is a world class city offering fine dining, entertainment and shopping. There are many options for apartment units in downtown Ottawa and most will have a higher price tag than less central locations. However if you must live in the city you will have your choice of apartment options from renovated turn of the century homes to brand new condos. Views of the Ottawa River, parliament buildings and city are also one of the attractions of urban living in the city of Ottawa. Because it is also relatively small you can easily travel by public transit to and from work or even opt to walk or cycle.

2.Suburban Living: Because Ottawa is quite small suburban living can be just as quaint and inviting as living in the heart of the city. You will find charming homes that have been renovated into rental units, condos, town houses and apartment buildings. You will also find you are probably no more than a 20 minute drive or 30 to 45 minute bus ride from the city centre.

3.Rural Living: Ottawa is 90 percent rural and you may even get lucky and find a truly charming home for rent surrounded by lovely countryside. Again the close proximity to the city makes country living a far less daunting prospect and can serve to be a lovely option for families and professionals alike.

4.Children: Ottawa has many kid friendly neighbourhoods ideal for raising a family. You will find excellent schools, ample parks and plenty of recreational centres to keep your children active and happy. Ottawa also offers many cultural opportunities including art and music and is also home to professional sports teams as well as many recreational sports facilities.

5.Competition: Depending on the time of year competition can be fierce in some neighbourhoods. It is important to keep your hand on the pulse of the city and use all the tools at your disposal to find an apartment in the area in which you are most interested.

It is a good idea to search property management sites early so you give yourself enough time to find something you’ll love.