Apartment hunting is just as emotional and stressful as purchasing a house. Here are six things you should be looking for when apartment hunting in Ottawa:

Check Every Detail
When apartment hunting, make sure you check everything. Consider carrying a small nightlight with you so that you can try out all of the outlets. It is important you also switch on every light switch, run every faucet and check below the sink to look for drips or signs of leaks. Have a look in the fridge and check behind the shower curtain.

Also be sure to check the heating and A/C, and look at the ceilings for telltale signs of leaks. Take note of unpleasant smells, room temperature, sounds of dripping, people walking above, voices and loud music. By thoroughly examining everything, you won’t find any hidden surprises when you move in.

Consider the Building
While apartment hunting in Ottawa consider knocking on the doors of a few neighbours to ask some questions about the building. Some people might not be too keen to talk, but if you find most people are friendly this is a good sign. If people are very standoffish, hostile or have terrible stories to share, this is not the place for you. Also, check common areas for care and security.

Check the Kitchen
You want to focus on the kitchen and look at every single detail. Open the oven, switch on the hood fan and check in each cupboard. You want to look for filth and signs of a bug infestation. Check the fridge and make sure it is working properly as well. You want to know that the place you eat and cook is not harbouring any secrets and that you can store and prepare food safely.

Check the Neighbourhood
Take a walk in the area during the day and at night time to make sure you feel safe. Make sure you find the nearest bus stop and look for amenities such as a corner store, shops and restaurants.

Read the Lease
Make sure you understand the dates involved, the cost, if you have to pay utilities and how much notice is required to move.

You want to see things for what they really are so you don’t get stuck with a home that turns out to be a nightmare.