If your furniture is looking old and worn, but purchasing new items isn’t an affordable option at the moment, then a little DIY action might be in order. Even if you don’t have any carpentry skills to rely on, there are a ton of different ways that you can spruce up your furniture without breaking the bank. When your decor needs a facelift, try out these 5 simple and affordable ways to update your furniture. You’ll be amazed at how much these easy ideas can transform the look of your entire home.

Refresh Old Wood Surfaces with Mayonnaise

Believe it or not, mayonnaise is a great way to spruce up any old, dried out or water-stained wooden surface. Instead of using toxic stains or chemicals, your handy jar of mayo can be just as effective since it contains oil that can help. All you need to do is apply a thin layer of mayo across the surface and leave it to work its magic for a few hours. Remove it and enjoy a fresh, stain-free wooden piece.

Take Full Advantage of Spray Paint

You can use spray paint on just about anything. And since you can get into crevices with it, it’s a very handy way to update any piece of furniture. Whether it’s your patio chairs, your dresser, your bookshelf, or even handles and knobs, you can get creative and use metallic colours to mimic the real thing, like brass fixtures.

Sand & Repaint

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s one that can often get overlooked. If there’s a piece  of furniture that’s been scratched up by your kitty or just abused over the years, grab some sandpaper from your local hardware store and a can of paint. This is a great (and easy) way to update your furniture. And remember, rustic is in! So it’s okay if your table doesn’t look perfect. In fact, to get that vintage vibe, you can bring out the sandpaper and scratch away at some of the fresh paint to achieve a distressed look.


Sometimes, when the fabric on your dining room chairs or your couch is looking rough, it can be cheaper to re-upholster them instead of forking out more money to replace them. Plus, you can get creative by selecting from a variety of fabrics and designs to suit your style.

Focus on Accessories

Sometimes, even with drab-looking furniture, all you really need is to up your game with accessories. Consider upgrading knobs and handles on cupboards and drawers, adding new cushions to your couch with fresh bursts of colour, and even popping some new and fancy hardware or décor items on top of that worn out coffee table to make it look chic.

You don’t need to stretch your budget just because your furniture is in need of some TLC. You can easily update your furniture with any of these simple and affordable methods that will spruce up your entire interior in no time.