If you’re on the hunt for your dream apartment, you might be wondering how can you really know if you’ve found the “one.” It may not hit you like a bolt of lightning, but there are some common tell-tale signs that will certainly make you feel confident about your decision. So when you head out apartment hunting, here are some signs to watch out for that will let you know that you’ve found your dream apartment.

You Love The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood that you’re searching for is, of course, a big deal. If you’re walking through the hood and feel less than impressed, you bet that’s going to influence how you feel about the apartment. So save yourself time and energy by pinpointing the neighbourhoods that you could see yourself living in. Having a location that’s conducive to your lifestyle and that you enjoy is the first sign that you might be one to something good.

It Checks Out With Your Priorities

Every person has their main priorities when it comes to the amenities of the apartment, building, and location. Some common ones to consider are proximity to public transit, on-site parking and laundry, and a gym or dog park. If you can check off at least your top three priorities when it comes to amenities, this is a definite sign that you’ve found your dream apartment.

The Apartment And Building Are Well Cared For

No one wants to live in a place that appears grungy and unkempt. Having an apartment that is clean and well cared for is important so you can feel proud to call it your home. So if you notice an onsite maintenance staff that is clearly doing their job well, this is always a good sign too.

You Can Envision Your Life There

Are you automatically envisioning where you’re going to place your furniture when viewing a place? If you can easily see both your stuff and yourself moving in before anything is even signed and sealed, you should feel good about your decision.

The Management Is Professional And Respectful

When you’re apartment hunting, you shouldn’t really feel pressured or rushed when viewing it. You always want to have a landlord or management team that is courteous, friendly, professional and available to help when you need them. If you don’t have any reserved opinions about the management when signing your lease, you’ve probably found an apartment that you’ll love.

When you’re determined to find the apartment of your dreams, make sure to keep each of these factors in mind when you’re on the hunt. If you can check off each of these points, then you’ve found the one! Check out our Apartment Search tool to find your dream apartment now!