If you can’t think of any New Year’s resolutions for yourself that you’ll actually stick to, why not make a few for your lovely home? Luckily, you don’t have to set the bar too high to get your apartment looking awesome in 2016 – in fact, just a few small changes can make such a huge difference. And, when you improve your home, you improve your mind too. So, here are five of the very best New Year’s resolutions you can make for your apartment this year.

Make Those Improvements

You know that thing you’ve been meaning to do for so long, but never quite seem to get around to doing? 2016 is the year to get all of those small apartment improvements ticked off your to-do list. Your property management company will take care of improvements to the apartment itself with attention and care, but what about your belongings? Have you thought about replacing your shower curtain, replenishing your cleaning products, or even buying new artwork to give your place a new focal point? One tip involves getting minor tasks done frees you up so that you can get around to doing the more important stuff.

Repaint Those Walls

Whether your home is in need of a serious update, or if you just feel like mixing things up a little, repainting your walls in 2016 is a fantastic idea (as long as your property management company allows you to paint!). Something as little as painting the wall can really make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your home, creating feelings of happiness and calm. If your living room has been painted a shade of crème for as long as you can remember, then go all out and paint it in a completely different colour. If you can’t paint the walls in your apartment rental, you can still add splashes of colour with accent pieces, drapes, and other creative approaches.

Go Green With Indoor Plants

If being outdoorsy really isn’t your thing, or if you live in an apartment or house without a garden, then why not develop a love for indoor plants? Not only do they look good, but indoor plants are also great ways of keeping the air within the home fresh and clean. What’s more, they’re incredibly cheap, easy to maintain, and can be bought almost anywhere. Start with a simple plant like Aloe Vera and go from there.

Save On Bills

There are actually lots of simple things you can do in order to save money on household bills. If your shopping bill tends to be quite high every week, why not stop buying as much meat and eat more vegetables instead? Not only will you save money, but you’ll also start living with a healthier, more nutritious diet. Alternatively, growing your own herbs indoors can also cut money off of your shopping bill. Stop spending so much time in the shower, and make sure you don’t over-use your electronics. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

Keep Your Floors Clean

It sounds painfully obvious, but one of the things that can make floors dirty so quickly is wearing shoes in the house. Implement a no-shoes rule in your home to avoid this, and the time that you spend cleaning the carpet. Invest in a shoe rack to keep by the door, where people can put their shoes when they come in from outside. Who knew such a small change could make such a huge difference? Plus, there’s nothing better than curling up on a winter’s day in your pajamas with a matching pair of slippers!