As a landlord, trying to stay on top of maintenance and more importantly finding suitable tenants when you have an apartment for rent are always top of mind. Here are five tips you can use to make sure your apartment for rent is ready to help get that property earning money instead of costing money:

  1. The Approach

    Take a look at your property and make sure you are certain people aren’t going to run before they even get a glimpse inside. The landscaping, walkway and overall look of the outside of your apartment for rent is just as important as the inside. Check out the recycle bins and trash cans, pay attention to lawn maintenance, trim overgrown bushes and improve the general repair of the sidewalk and walkway.

  2. Clean Inside and Out

    ┬áSo you’ve got them up that path, now encourage them through the door. Common areas, lobbies, elevators and halls must look good too. Vacuum, clean the floors and neaten up the mail room if there is one. If you have a laundry room give it a once over and make sure it is well lit and clean. Female tenants will be discouraged if it appears unsafe so make sure front door locks are working properly, halls are well lit and if you have an intercom system see that this is in working order.

  3. Move in Ready

    It goes without saying that that unit better be sparkling clean. No one in their right mind will rent a filthy apartment. and don’t try to tell them you’re going to make changes and clean before they move in. They won’t believe you. Bathrooms and kitchens will be scrutinized so be certain the appliances are clean, floors are scrubbed and sinks are not stinky or dripping. If there is carpeting have it steam cleaned especially if the former tenants smoked or had pets. You might not notice the smell, but potential tenants will.

  4. Advertise Early

    Stay on top of current tenant’s plans and advertise as soon as you know someone is moving. The tenants you want are looking well in advance.

  5. Show it Furnished

    If your current tenant is clean and has nice furniture show it a month before they go. It will help sell the place seeing it furnished with happy tenants living there.

These five tips will help you successfully fill your apartment for rent without missing a beat between tenants.