The frost may be stuck on that outside windowpane, but that cool, frigid air can still end up getting inside and can bring a chill to your apartment. Sometimes, no matter how much you crank up that thermostat, there just seems to be an uncomfortable coolness that can prevent your apartment from becoming that warm and cozy abode that you dream of after a long day at work or school.

Well, you can beat those winter chills by getting a little creative instead. Here are five ways that you can stay warm this winter:


Block Out Drafts with Door Snakes or Towels

If there’s a certain spot that seems to be the culprit of your chilly drafts, then you can easily fix it, while taking the pressure off of your thermostat and heating bills. Take a trip to your home décor or hardware store and look for a door snake that you can place under the seam of the door. This will block out those drafts.

Alternatively, you can just use a towel by rolling is up and putting it at the bottom of the door. It’s simple and effective!


Use Flannel

When those temperatures begin to really drop, switch it up with some flannel! Flannel is great for helping you retain some body heat, and helps prevent your toes from feeling chilly during those frosty, cold nights. Flannel pyjamas are a great, cozy start, but take it to the next level with flannel sheets!


Use your Oven

What better way to heat up the home (and make it smell great) than by firing up the oven? Throw on a hot stew or bake some holiday treats. Whatever you decide to make, you can bet it will fill you home with warmth while satisfying your stomach, too. Win-win!


Throw Down Some Rugs

If you have hardwood flooring throughout your home, rugs are a great way to incorporate more warmth to your décor and home. So if you feel like there’s a lack of coziness, try throwing down some rugs to warm up your space.


Cover Up Your Head

This may sound silly, but your head is where you lose and retain a large portion of heat. By covering it up, your body can retain much more heat and help keep your body temperature nice and toasty. Don’t be shy about popping on a toque indoors.

Don’t suffer from chills this season. You can easily warm up your apartment without cranking the heat up by using a few of these simple ideas to keep you and your apartment nice and toasty this winter.