Do you love your Ottawa apartment? Living in a warm, cozy apartment has a lot of perks, but they don’t always include an abundance of storage space. This is okay though, because there are quite a few creative ways to make some storage space of your own. Here are our five favourite crafty storage ideas to make the most out of the space in your apartment:


Under-the-bed Storage


Under the bed storage boxes are an affordable option for storing your belongings. It’s best to keep light items in these boxes so that they won’t be a pain to drag out across the floor. You can free up your closet space by putting out-of-season wardrobe in clothes bags and storing them under the bed until you need them again. Spare bed covers and sheet sets can also be stored under the bed when they aren’t keeping you snug on your mattress.


Drawer Dividers


If you are tired of opening your drawers and sifting through a pile of junk to get to the thing you are looking for, you can help separate your drawers into smaller, more manageable compartments by using dividers. Drawer dividers can be found in home decorating stores, or you can save some money and make them yourself. You can recycle cardboard and shape them exactly to your needs.


Door Hooks


Door hooks are a great place to hang things like coats, bags or your outfit for the next day. You can place the hook behind your bedroom door to keep it out of sight from the living room. Door hooks can also be used in cabinets or pantries to give you more space in your kitchen or bathroom areas. Do not install anything that causes damages to the walls and can’t easily be removed on moving day.


Furniture with built-in storage


One of the best storage ideas for Ottawa apartments is purchasing furniture with built-in storage solutions. Furniture with drawers, hidden nooks, and lids work wonders at keeping your apartment tidy. You should consider a coffee table with drawers to hold your gadgets and remotes, or a lidded ottoman with enough space to store your throw pillows.


Extra Closet Rods


It’s a great idea to install an extra closet rod in your closet if you have the space for it. This idea is ideal for Ottawa apartment living because you might not have the freedom to install custom closet organizers. Extra rods help you store more clothes and they can help you organize your wardrobe into sections that makes finding the perfect outfit much easier!