Love to entertain but feel limited by your budget? Throwing an epic bash or hosting a dinner party with friends doesn’t have to break the bank. You can satisfy your inner party host while staying within your financial means. If you’re searching for some inspiration, check out these five budget-friendly entertainment ideas for your rental apartment in Ottawa:

Make it a Potluck

Potlucks are without a doubt, the best way to gather your favourite people in your apartment without sweating the cost. Everyone loves a potluck because they get to show off their creative culinary skills and pitch in. Some hosts might feel hesitant about this appearing “cheap,” but the reality is that most of your guests understand the budget situation and are probably very much in the same boat (even if they claim otherwise). So never be ashamed about hosting a potluck – most people are happy to contribute.

Create an Activity

Whether it’s a trivia night, a board game night, or even a tell-your-best-friend-to-bring-their-karaoke-machine night, pick an activity for the evening that will get your guests engaged and having fun. There are tons of ways to find something that’s inexpensive to do.

Use Budget-Friendly Décor

When it comes to the décor, there’s no need to spend much. It really comes down to having a nice table setting, having your apartment clean and tidy, and creating a cozy atmosphere. Consider stringing some lights around your table or patio set to boost the ambience, or raiding your local dollar store for items such as some battery-operated candles that you can place around your home for that cozy vibe. You can really get creative and even fancy without stretching your budget.


Supplying beverages can be one of the easiest ways to really bust through your budget. So why not avoid that and do what most people do – make it a BYOB! This is standard among most party-goers these days, so there’s no need to feel awkward about asking guests to supply their drink of choice. You can pick up a few items to have on hand, or even create a punch for your guests. But beyond that, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to supply more since most people understand just how costly that can be.

Let Your Guests Play DJ

If you’re worried about music and aren’t up-to-date on the music scene, get your guests to play DJ. It’s the perfect way to let them have a chance to hear what they enjoy, while switching up the vibe of the evening.

Budget-friendly entertainment is possible! Just because you’re tight on finances doesn’t mean you can’t throw down an epic get-together. With these money-saving ideas, you can have your party without sweating the cost.