Moving into a new apartment can be an overwhelming experience. As excited as you may be to have found a great apartment, the moving process can be stressful and you might deal with pangs of homesickness. These ideas can help ease the transition by making your apartment feel like home:

Unpack Right Away
When you drop that last box off in the entryway of your brand new apartment, you probably feel like collapsing and calling it a job well done. If you want to make your apartment feel like home, though, your best bet is to keep working and unpack everything right away. Otherwise, boxes have a way of sitting around for days and weeks, and you remain in a transitive state. It takes some extra effort, but you’ll appreciate the feeling when everything is organized and in its right place.

Your brand new apartment is your home, and it should feel like it. Personalize the space by placing pictures and art around the apartment. Either bring artwork from your previous home or choose new pieces that reflect your personality and make you happy. Place pictures of your family, friends, childhood pet, or just good memories from the past. Even though you are in a new place, you are still completely connected to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Flowers & Plants
Give your new apartment life and vibrancy with fresh flowers and plants. Not only will these living things brighten up the space, they also improve air quality. There are many low-maintenance indoor house plants, like aloe vera, agave, and butterfly palm. You can pick up seasonal flowers like lilies and tulips at your local market, or even grow indoor herbs and vegetables. What better way to feel at home than to cook with food and herbs grown in the comfort of your apartment?

Help your apartment feel like home by having a buddy to enjoy the ride. Even if you can’t have a cat or dog in your apartment, a fish makes a great companion. Goldfish can be easy for beginners to maintain, while peaceful and shiny tetras can live up to ten years in the right conditions. Betta fish, with their delicate flowing tails, also make good house pets, but beware that they can jump out of the tank!

Don’t be afraid to make personalized touches to your new apartment to make yourself more comfortable. With these steps, it will feel like home in no time.