It’s only natural to head for the thermostat when the temperature outside is dropping, however, it is not always the most affordable or eco-friendly option. Here are four ways to stay warm in Ottawa rentals this winter:

Added Blankets & Pillows
Nothing is more welcoming on a cold winter’s night than a bed loaded with plenty of blankets and pillows. Adding additional blankets makes sleeping at night nice and cozy, especially when the air outside is chilly. Pillows make it all the nicer to sink down into bed for a long night’s sleep. Your sofa is the perfect spot for plenty of pillows and some cozy throw blankets to snuggle under while you watch TV or read.

Hot Beverages
Winter is the perfect season to put that fancy coffee maker of yours to good use. Shop around for some new flavours to keep things interesting. You can also stock up on all your favourites from hot chocolate to hot apple cider and coffee to herbal teas. You should always have a hot beverage to warm your hands with and offer comfort as the temperature drops. When entertaining in Ottawa rentals, don’t forget to brew some comforting drinks such as hot toddies, hot buttered rum or Irish coffee to warm up your guests when they arrive.

Cover Drafts
In some older Ottawa apartments you might find that you feel drafts coming from windows and doors. Look at adding some caulking to help lessen the amount of warm air escaping from your home. You can also look at adding plastic seals to your windows. They are easily affixed with a hair dryer. These special seals work exceptionally well to keep Ottawa rentals more comfortable.

Snuggle Up
The chilly weather is the perfect excuse to find time to snuggle up and relax. When you just don’t feel like heading outside, grab your favourite book and a nice warm blanket and settle in for some much needed down time. It is also the perfect way to spend some quality time with a significant other, the kids or even your pet.

It is easy to stay warm and cozy in Ottawa rentals with these four energy saving tips.