When you have an Ottawa apartment rental, you want to make it look less like a temporary residence and more like a permanent home without making a major investment. Here are four easy ways to decorate on a budget:

Visit some garage sales, discount stores and antique shops to look for a collection of affordable picture frames. Then look at your own photos for black and white or colour prints and blow them up to be framed. You can either create one main focal point on your wall or collections throughout your Ottawa apartment.

Shop Smart
An Ottawa apartment rental might prove to be temporary, therefore, you want to shop smart for your major furniture pieces by keeping in mind that you will be moving eventually. Consider furniture such as sofas that come apart and that can be reconfigured, tables that can be re-purposed in a larger home from a dining table to a desk and bedroom furniture that does double duty for storage. As well, consider looking for used furniture you can make your own with a lick of paint for a retro feel in your apartment. Use bright colours or go for black and white to add elegance or charm.

Faux Wallpaper
You might feel limited to what you can do with your walls, however, you can create “faux” wallpaper in a number of ways to warm things up and add interest. Look for fabulous fabric that can be stapled to a large frame and propped against the wall in the living room or dining room. You can also staple wallpaper to the wall by centering it above the bed, dining room table or living room sofa instead of actually gluing it for the same effect and none of the permanence.

Lighting Fixtures
Take down those ugly lighting fixtures throughout your Ottawa apartment rental and install your own fixtures. Keep the old fixtures in the boxes from your new fixtures and re-install them before you leave. Put the ones you bought back in their original packing so you can take them with you to your new home. If you can’t afford to do all of them, look at a new chandelier for over your dining table, a nice sconce for your bathroom and something more romantic in the bedroom.

These four easy ideas will make your Ottawa apartment rental feel like a fashionable home.