Moving is not an easy process, unless you happen to be a professional organizer. The entire moving process can cause lots of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. To help you prepare and relax for you move here are our top four tips to make your move easier:

1. Do Not Take Everything
As you start packing you are shockingly reminded of how much stuff you actually own. Over the last few years items have accumulated in your storage spaces such as your basement, closets and cupboards. The thing most people don’t realize is that you don’t actually have to take everything.

Weeks before you move start going through your forgotten storage spaces and purge all of the unnecessary items that will only take up space in your new place. This will get rid of excess clutter and help you to be more organized in your new living space.

2. Utilities
Most people put off making appointments with the internet, cable and phone companies until they have moved in, unfortunately depending on how busy the utility companies are they could end up not getting to your place for quite some time.

To avoid being stuck of having to live off your cellphone or going to a coffee shop to use the internet, book you appointments with the utility companies a week before you have moved into your new place. Booking with them a week in advance will ensure they can help you when you want, and not leave you bored at your new place.

Don’t forget to consult with your Real Estate Agent. Many of them have had tons of experience with Moving and moves in general.

3. Create a Legend
Moving can cause a giant mess of disorganization. By creating a colour coded legend you will be able to see exactly where everything goes without having to open all of the boxes. For your legend start by writing down each room/place (e.g. kitchen/pantry, master bedroom closet, living room, etc..)

Once you have finished creating the legend be sure to have a few extra copies on hand for everyone helping you move. Label all of the boxes with the according colour by using coloured stickers or duct tape, so they can be easily identified and moved.

4. Wrap Everything
When moving it is important that you wrap everything, even if it is only a short move. It is imperative to wrap everything including the small things to help prevent any items from being damaged. There are many different ways to wrap items such as furniture, electronics and clothes.

When you begin wrapping, wrap everything in the type of packaging that is needed for that specific item. You wouldn’t want to pack your clothes the same way you pack your television.