Your apartment is your cozy retreat and the place that you go to unwind from a long day. However, one day’s pile of clothes or papers can slowly turn into a mess of belongings if you’re not careful. That’s why we love these ingenious storage ideas to keep your Ottawa apartment tidy, organized, and functional:

Hidden Storage

Finding storage in otherwise forgotten places is a great way to maximize the use of space in your apartment. Place storage compartments underneath your bed to turn any ordinary bedframe into a functional captain’s bed. Take those small nooks and crannies throughout your apartment and use them to store paperwork, accessories, and random objects that otherwise clutter up your space.

Closet Organizer

If all you do with your closet space is hang shirts and dresses, you’re wasting a lot of very useful space in your Ottawa apartment. Invest in a closet organizer or have a handy friend build a custom shelving unit to really take advantage of the space in your closet. With the right organization, you can store every item in your wardrobe in your closet instead including all of your shoes, hats, sunglasses, scarves, and all of the accessories that make your outfits pop.

Kitchen Makeover

Space is at a premium in your kitchen so get creative. Buy plate racks for your cupboards so that you can store both plates and bowls in the same cupboard. Invest in racks that you can hang from the doors of cupboards or the pantry and use them to store spices and condiments without taking up any shelf space. If you have deep drawers, get sliding inserts to divide them up and make full use of the space. Countertop space is often hard to come by so store your rarely used kitchen appliances like waffle irons and mixers in cabinets. Some people find a “rolling” island to be quite useful, and it can be tucked away under a table when it is not needed.

Office Space

Even if your office is just a laptop on a couch, working from home means you’re likely to have a ton of office accessories lying around – scissors, pens, business cards and scrap paper. If your office is your living room, invest in an ottoman that has a lid and storage compartments within. The right ottoman can pull triple duty: footrest, coffee table, and storage station.

Keep your Ottawa apartment clean and organized with these great storage ideas!